Re: letter-spacing with text-anchor middle

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> Hi,
>  I would just like to clarify that when using letter-spacing not equal
> to zero, that there should not be space added/subtracted after the last
> character in a line. This may affect the positioning of text when
> text-anchor is set to middle. I note this as Batik 1.7 adds space after
> the last letter and thus centering text does not work as expected.
> (Opera/Firefox do not support letter-spacing. Chrome/Inkscape do not add
> space after the last letter.)
>  I have created a test SVG:

Opera supports letter-spacing, however the unit (px in this case) must be  
specified if it's in a stylesheet or style attribute. Chrome seems to not  
require the unit to be specified though, which is a bit odd.


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