Re: [css-style-attr] SVG WG comments on CSS Styling Attributes Level 1


You're kidding right.

Here we go, quirks mode, modal CSS parsers.

The web browser of 2020 will likely contain 1 million modal parsing and
layout modes that all ignore mathematical and engineering education that
those poor text book writing fools keep harping on about.

Some days I wonder if the lunatics are really running the asylum...


--Original Message--:
>On 8/24/10 6:06 PM, Chris Lilley wrote:
>> It was interesting to hear during todays discussion that not only does Firefox already support scientific notation for SVG properties in stylesheets, as previously noted, but IE9 preview supports it also.
>Er...  Firefox doesn't support scientific notation in stylesheets for 
>any properties.  I'm not sure why you think it does.
>Firefox _does_ use its CSS parser, in an "svg mode", to parse SVG 
>presentation attributes.  In that mode, it of course supports scientific 

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