Margins for filters?

For a blur (as well as some other filters) it is useful to make the 
filter effects region larger than the bounding box of the object. 
However, this requires the region to larger by a fixed number of pixels 
(in user space coordinates), instead of being a multiple of the bounding 
box. (This was in fact the root cause of a bug reported for Inkscape, 
where a blur would disappear for a completely horizontal/vertical line.)

I am aware of the possibility to specify userSpaceOnUse and explicitly 
state the region required to show the blur (and am considering using it, 
also because it would allow us to consider stroke). But this has the 
disadvantage that it only works for a specific object, being able to 
specify a margin would make it much easier to define reusable blur filters.

So, is there some way to specify a "margin" for the filter effects region?

Received on Saturday, 17 April 2010 08:46:03 UTC