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Hi Doug,

This is an encouraging response, and it sounds like it would meet my needs.  Do you know when the three mentioned drafts, SVG Tiny 1.2, the 1.1 module or 2.0 are planned to be released?

 ~ Paul

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Hi, Paul-

Paul Williams wrote (on 7/23/09 1:10 AM):
> This is my first post; please excuse me if I cover well trod ground.
> I work in an environment which makes heavy use of technical drawings.
> Most of our drawing sources are in CGM4 or WebCGM format, which is
> troublesome because the tools available to support these documents
> are not widely available.  I'd like to consider use of SVG to support
> these drawings in a web presentation mode, but unfortunately SVG
> doesn't seem to support a key feature.  Most technical drawings
> require the line width to remain constant regardless of the zoom
> level.  I couldn't find anything in the stroke styling that indicates
> rendering behavior could be affected that way.  Am I missing a part
> of the spec that covers technical line/stroke width behavior?  Is
> anyone aware of others who are trying to solve this problem?

SVG 1.1 did not cover this use case.

SVG Tiny 1.2 does cover it with the 'NonScalingStroke' value of the new 
@vector-effect attribute.  Unfortunately, most browsers are targeting 
SVG 1.1 for their implementations right now.  It does work in Opera 10. [2]

The SVG WG plans to publish a new module which could be implemented on 
top of SVG 1.1 or SVG Tiny 1.2, which would add this and other new 
stroke effects to implementations.  It is currently in Editor's Draft 
form.  [3]  This functionality is planned to be included in the upcoming 
SVG 2.0 spec, as well.

I hope this addresses your needs... let us know if you have similar 
requirements.  Letting other browser vendors know about your use case 
might also help them prioritize implementing this feature.




-Doug Schepers
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