Re: possible errata: SVG 1.1/1.2 tspan Element dx Attribute definition

Hi Boris,

>> I'd say the differences can be implementation issues (i.e., not
>> respecting the default value for "xml:space", which is not to preserve
>> white space)...?
> That's not correct. †As far as I can see, in XML 1.0 the default behavior is
> up to the application (in this case, it would have to either be specified by
> the SVG specification, or left up to implementors). †See XML 1.0 section
> 2.10 (which you even cited!).

Right, guess I didn't read carefully enough... :-|  Thanks for clarifying! :-)

> In any case, Jonathan is right that SVG seems to be underspecified on this
> matter.

Yes, that might be an issue. In the meantime, to workaround the
different behavior across implementations one may set "xml:space"
property in the root element to force a "default" behavior (affecting
the whole document)... ;-)

Having this discussed and adding a clarification in the SVG
specification (still in time for SVG 1.1 Second Edition?) might be


Received on Tuesday, 21 July 2009 13:49:40 UTC