Re: Status of CSS DOM Interfaces in SVG 1.1 DOM

Hi Jeff.

Jeff Schiller:
> Seems like there might be a problem between SVG DOM extending certain
> CSS DOM interfaces.  For those who enjoy rambling, please see [1].

At the time SVG 1.1 was written, the DOM Level 2 Style interfaces
weren’t deprecated, so I imagine it was a reasonable choice at the time.
It would be good if the new CSS OM were further along.  I imagine SVG
2.0 will utilise it.

> The issue seems to be that certain CSS interfaces, including CSSValue,
> were effectively obsoleted without replacements [2].  Interfaces in
> the SVG DOM, like SVGColor, depend on those interfaces [3].  Mozilla
> has not implemented the interfaces yet (though Opera/Webkit did)
> perhaps because of the CSS WG's warning [4].

Similarly, SVG 1.1 depends on some CSS 2.0 features that were dropped in
CSS 2.1, and CSS 2.0 is deprecated with big red warnings too.

I agree it’s unforunate that CSSValue and co. aren’t implemented more
widely (even though they’re somewhat baroque) since they do provide
information that isn’t easily accessible otherwise.  I’m not sure what
the SVG WG can do about it for SVG 1.1 at this point.  We can at least
get Erik to kick Anne to move CSS OM along, though. :)

Cameron McCormack ≝

Received on Wednesday, 8 July 2009 01:30:20 UTC