Re: SVGAnimationElement.getStartTime

2009/2/1 Dr. Olaf Hoffmann <>

>  Concerning the timing, this is similar, in both cases
> the begin from b is not resolved before a starts as
> that for a in the second case before or without a click-event
> (or an activation per hyperlink).
> But then it is 2s after the begin of a (note that negative
> offets can generate funny results for some combinations).
> In the first example before 5s the 7s is only a possible
> begin of b (everything might be possible and is not really
> relevant for SMIL animation), this gets 7s at 5s, but not before.

Thanks Olaf. Yes, that was my original understanding too. Only that sentence
I quoted from SMIL Animation made me reconsider this.

In SMIL Animation these are largely implementation details but as SVG has
getStartTime some of these details are now visible to the outside world so
we really need test cases to cover this.

There seem to be a few voices suggesting getStartTime return the "previous"
interval as opposed to the proposed erratum. Perhaps the WG will revisit
this issue.

Thanks for the clarification,

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Received on Sunday, 1 February 2009 00:03:48 UTC