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Re: [1.2T LC]: accessing rules for traitAccess

From: Erik Dahlström <ed@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Oct 2008 12:23:46 +0200
To: "Julien Reichel" <Julien.Reichel@spinetix.com>, "www-svg@w3.org" <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-ID: <op.uinghwpcgqiacl@gnorps.linkoping.osa>

On Mon, 06 Oct 2008 11:44:38 +0200, Julien Reichel <Julien.Reichel@spinetix.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> In "Accessing rules for animation related elements" in the additional
> accessing rules for the trait access, it is specified that "[SMIL
> animation elements] cannot be modified using the TraitAccess methods
> once inserted into the tree". This means for instance that the "href"
> cannot be modified. I suppose that the purpose of this rule is to
> simplify the design of UA. However there are no rules that forbid to
> modify the xml:id of an element already inserted in the tree ( or did I
> miss it? ).

That's allowed sure.

> Thus it is possible to modify the target of an animation by switching
> the xml:id of two elements (which is equivalent to a change of the href
> in the animation). So IMO this restriction  is insufficient to enable
> simplification of the UA design.  Note that modifying the xml:id of
> other even in the tree can also be used to modify the behavior of other
> attribute (like a begin="id1.begin" for instance)

Well, the begin time would be resolved previously right?

If the id 'id1' was missing at first, the begin time would be resolved as 'indefinite' (according to SMIL animation), and when the 'id1' was added to the document that still wouldn't cause a re-evaluation of the begin time (or at least I didn't find a reference that said one must do that in such a scenario).

> My question:
> - Why have such as restriction for the trait access (as there are other
> ways, not forbidden, to trigger the same effect) ?

It's possible that it this case should be explicitly mentioned.

The WG will discuss this issue and get back to you.


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