[1.2T LC]: accessing rules for traitAccess


In "Accessing rules for animation related elements" in the additional
accessing rules for the trait access, it is specified that "[SMIL
animation elements] cannot be modified using the TraitAccess methods
once inserted into the tree". This means for instance that the "href"
cannot be modified. I suppose that the purpose of this rule is to
simplify the design of UA. However there are no rules that forbid to
modify the xml:id of an element already inserted in the tree ( or did I
miss it? ). 

Thus it is possible to modify the target of an animation by switching
the xml:id of two elements (which is equivalent to a change of the href
in the animation). So IMO this restriction  is insufficient to enable
simplification of the UA design.  Note that modifying the xml:id of
other even in the tree can also be used to modify the behavior of other
attribute (like a begin="id1.begin" for instance)

My question:

- Why have such as restriction for the trait access (as there are other
ways, not forbidden, to trigger the same effect) ?





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