percentages in clipPath/pattern/filter/mask content says

> If percentages are used within the content of a 'pattern'<>,
> 'clipPath' <>, 'mask'<>or
> 'filter' <> element,
> these values are treated according to the processing rules for percentages
> as defined in Units <>.

This seems counter-intuitive. E.g.

<svg xmlns="">
    <clipPath id="r" clipPathUnits="objectBoundingBox">
      <rect width="10%" height="10%"/>
  <rect width="500" height="500" fill="lime" clip-path="url(#r)"/>

Seems authors would expect the clip to be 10% of the object. But instead,
10% is interpreted relative to the viewport, so it's likely to be 10% of
1000 or thereabouts. But clipPath coordinates are expected to be in the
range (0,0)-(1,1), so nothing is clipped out. So "percentage of the
viewport" is pretty much useless for objectBoundingBox coordinates. Can
anyone explain why it was specced this way?

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Received on Tuesday, 27 May 2008 00:16:20 UTC