marker property interpretation


When working on fixing bugs in WebKit, I came to the following problem
the marker property. The specification says:

"The 'marker'  property specifies the marker symbol that shall be used
for all points on the sets the value for all vertices on the given
'path'  element or basic shape. It is a short-hand for the three
individual marker properties:"

For me (and some others I spoke in #webkit), it is not totally clear
how to interpret the syntax of the
marker property value. I assume what is meant is that the value set on
the marker property is
used to set the marker-start, marker-mid and marker-end value in one
go. Furthermore the value that
can be set on it is exactly the same as can be set on the individual
marker properties. The following syntax, taken from a webkit, would
then be illegal:

marker: url(#marker1)  url(#marker1)  url(#marker1);

and correct would be:

marker: url(#marker1)

I would like to hear whether my interpretation is right. It has impact
on how WebKit parses and processes the marker property.  I also think
a clarification in the errata would be welcome. Finally if there is
enough interest I could try to make a testcase that verfies legal and
marker property specification, particularly constructions that try to
set multiple values like the example above.


Received on Saturday, 29 March 2008 18:05:11 UTC