Re: Overriding the width and height of SVG

On Tue, 18 Mar 2008 17:55:37 +0100, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann  
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>> If the author's intent is to have their SVG scale then they can and  
>> should
>> specify a viewBox of course. However, people are sometimes going to get  
>> this
>> wrong, and it would be nice to be able to control the behavior from the  
>> side if the SVG is outwith your control (and perhaps comes from a  
>> different
>> domain, which prevents you "fixing up" the SVG by setting a viewBox from
>> script).
> I think, with the current SVG1.1 it is never really out of control, for
> example one can use: example.svg#svgView(viewBox(0,200,1000,1000))
> to add a new viewBox to external content.
> But obviously it is always better for authors to provide a viewBox.

That's true. However, the user may not know the appropriate viewBox to  
use, and would have to inspect each file before use.

IMHO that it makes it harder to re-use svg content than it should be.


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