glyph-name attribute

On SVG1.1 spec, at page 474, the glyph-name attribute for the glyph node is
defined as:

glyph-name = "<name> [, <name> ]* "
     A name for the glyph. It is recommended that glyph names be unique
within a font. The glyph names can
     be used in situations where Unicode character numbers do not provide
sufficient information to access the
     correct glyph, such as when there are multiple glyphs per Unicode
character. The glyph names can be
     referenced in kerning definitions.
     Animatable: no.

Shouldn't the glyph-name attribute be defined simply as "<name>" ?
If not, why would an array of names be useful?

I do understand that g1 and g2 attributes for the hkern and vkern nodes must
be lists of names.

Felipe Sanches (JucaBlues)
Inkscape project

Received on Monday, 23 June 2008 01:39:08 UTC