Re: How to make mozilla use asv3 script engine

> I need this to work in mozilla cause my teacher wants it to (my file works in ie with asv3).
> So, I don't know why it is crashing
There are a few issues regarding ASV integration ([1] [2], probably
more), which probably won't receive much attention as Adobe already
announced the end-of-life for ASV [3].

If your file only works in IE+ASV, then potentially it is _your_
material that is asking for a potential revision. ;-) There is
information available on common authoring [4] problems. There are
feasible alternatives for currently major unsupported feature:
animation. Simple animation can be achieved by script (DHTML style),
complex/declarative SMIL support can be achieved by using a script
extension (such as FakeSmile [5]).

>> Note that there's a group specific to Mozilla's SVG implementation
>> where this sort of questions are better aimed at. ;-)
Hope to see you there [6] (or in a more appropriate forum [7]) soon! ;-)

 Helder Magalh„es


Received on Wednesday, 18 June 2008 09:14:34 UTC