Re: How to make mozilla use asv3 script engine

I have found that you can disable mozilla's native svg support and copy 2
necessary adobe files into plugins folder. that's supposed to work, and it
does (I can use adobe's jscripting functions). however, when i try to close
the opened svg tab, mozilla crashes. I need this to work in mozilla cause my
teacher wants it to (my file works in ie with asv3). So, I don't know why it
is crashing

Helder Magalhães wrote:
> Valkyrie wrote:
>> Sorry for posting again, my previous question might be described as: How
>> to make mozilla use adobe svg viewer 3 script engine?
> I don't this this is possible (at least, not without lots of unfeasible
> Mozilla source code hacks) and can't this of any real advantage in doing
> it.
> Note that there's a group specific to Mozilla's SVG implementation [1]
> where this sort of questions are better aimed at. ;-)
> Hope this helps,
>  Helder Magalhães
> [1]

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