Re: Question about getURL() (SVGT 1.2)

> Does any UA implement the getURL() function ?
AFAIK, at least Batik [1] and ASV [2] seem to implement the method as
expected (although I have never test it throughly). Renesis [3] also
seems to support the method although I never tested the

I read while ago that GPAC [4] also has the method implemented; eSVG
[5] also seems to implement the method, although in quick tests I've
made the implementation had issues. Probably more implementations
support the feature, although I'm not sure if such survey (the one in
this thread) has ever occurred. It would be interesting to gather more
information and publish the results: I'd suggest adding a row within
the extensive viewer matrix [6] ("Communication", after "Script"?),
stating which implementations supported communication. I suggested not
adding it as "getURL" as there are several existing implementations
which already support XMLHttpRequest.

As we're on the subject, this is something which IMO should/could be
evaluated in possible test cases which be part of (an optional
portion) the test suite: optional as it probably had to be live for
the typical security issues fetching remote data involves.

> I'm worried that if the behaviour of getURL() is not clear enough people
> will simply use the XMLHttpRequest() function and the specification of
> getURL() will just add noise to the SVG specification ...

IMHO, as XMLHttpRequest [7] is getting more mature (not only at
specification level but also in implementations), why not propose it
(at least as a possible alternative to getURL for UAs) within the SVG

Hope this helps,

 Helder Magalh„es


Received on Tuesday, 29 July 2008 13:48:52 UTC