Re: Whether to display inner or outermost <title>?


On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 3:11 AM, Jonathan Chetwynd <>

> Jeff,
> Does your description, which appears to be a more formal restatement of my
> suggestion, cover the fruit case I originally gave?
It needs to, but it seems to me it does not, otherwise there is no mechanism
> for the author to provide this type of structure.

Can you clarify why you think my algorithm would not cover your case?  (I
do, your "fruit" title would be used instead of going into the shadow

> The intention is to allow <use> remote file with the title.

I did not fully understand your sentence, can you clarify?  There is no
prejudice against remote files in the spec or in what I sent.

> I have repeatedly asked Doug and others to contribute and set aside time to
> create an SVG microformat.
> that is a reduced set of minimal essential elements.
> the purpose being to enable the design of at least one simple and easy to
> use authoring tool.
> that the ordinary user or child can use to create good clean simple code

You have also repeatedly asked for end users to be involved in making the
specification.  Perhaps you can take a page in the SVG IG wiki to start
putting down ideas of what would be in your microformat and what wouldn't.
I'd like to understand your idea better.

inkscape is already enormous, old and after a decade, has no means to add
> title content.
> that is just one example, there is a bug filed.
> One can hand edit the code, but as mentioned elsewhere a grep of 7000 files
> on openclipart, 6 had titles.

As of a month ago, it is now possible to add <title> and <desc> to any
element in Inkscape (this fix should be in the next Inkscape release cycle,
it has not yet been released publicly), though there are bugs surrounding
it.  On the SVG IG wiki, I have started to list out bugs against
implementations.  Please add to this list for tracking purposes if you are
aware of others.


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