Text-Area : Adding new attribut "anchor-position"

I have read the "text in an area" part of the document. I did not see a posibility to set the text-area anchor point.

I suggest to add a new attribut to the new text-area tag.

    Value:   	auto | top-left | top-center | top-right | middle-left | middle-center | middle-right | bottom-left | bottom-center | bottom-right | inherited
    Initial:   	auto
    Applies to:   	'textArea'
    Inherited:   	yes
    Percentages:   	N/A
    Media:   	visual
    Animatable:   	yes
    Computed value:   	Specified value, except inherit

The "anchor-point" property specifies where the anchor point of a text-area is located. The value "auto" is for left-to-right text identical to "top-left".
The position specified by the "x" and "y" property of the "text-area" define the position of that anchor point.

A optional value of "(<coordinate>,<coordinate>)" should also be taken into account. The first <coordinate> would specify a x-offset to the "auto" anchor x-position, where the second <coordinate> does the same for the y-position.

Kind regards,
Kevin Fleischer
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Received on Wednesday, 30 January 2008 21:02:15 UTC