Re: [Bulk] Tilting my school map.


this list is mainly for SVG specification discussions, your question  
might better be addressed to:

I asked a similar question about altering perspective a few weeks ago:

Re: how to create perspective in pattern?

in short it isn't possible but there may be workarounds.

kind regards

Jonathan Chetwynd
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On 27 Jan 2008, at 18:25, #WONG GHEE MENG# wrote:

To Sir/Madam,

Hi, is there any method that I can implement a 3x3 matrix in the SVG  
transform? I am currently trying to tilt the map into a bird view  
from different angle. Iím thinking of changing the value of the  
matrix for every SVGPoint it accessing with an algorithm. But Iím  
having problem in accessing every SVGPoint.

             Is there anyway better idea that I can tilt the map?!

Thank you.


Wong Gheemeng


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