Re: Property to disable SVG filters

This worries me, we already have filterRes which can be used to tune  
down the quality in exchange for performance.  I'm not sure what the  
benefit of having a vendor specific css property to (effectively)  
just disable filters despite them being otherwise supported by the  


On 23/01/2008, at 11:03 AM, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann wrote:

> As far as I understand this, such a property
> '-moz-filter-rendering' can only be used as a
> property for example in an external style sheet,
> the style element or the style attribute, not as
> a presentation attribute?
> Another approach would be to use an own
> namespace an the extension mechanism of
> SVG to avoid conflicts and problems with
> undefined attributes. Such an approach
> pronounces, that there is currently no such
> attribute in any SVG version, whatever the
> future may bring.
> There are a few similar things from adobe
> arround using such an extension.
> If it was no problem that adobe used its
> own namespace and extensions, then it
> should be no problem for mozilla too ;o)

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