Re: if xlink:title= is empty and a <title> is provided should that be in the tooltip?

Jonathan Chetwynd:
> I'm well aware that there isn't a clear statement in the specs.
> in fact afaik ua have not in general yet implemented any method for  
> rendering title, though Opera has a basic model using tooltips...

Note that Batik uses tooltips to expose <title> information, too.  (And
puts rootmost <svg>’s <title> in the title bar of the window.)

> perhaps you could consider my query?
> Re: if xlink:title= is empty and a <title> is provided should that be  
> in  the tooltip?
> as I wrote in a previous email, I'm looking for some consensus.

Ah, I interpreted the “should” as “should, according to what the specs
say”.  I don’t know if any UA renders xlink:title="" attributes as

> this is part of a larger issue regarding inheritance in that previous  
> email:
> Consensus sought: Inheritance for title in tooltip 13/01/08
> your example doesn't follow spec which suggests that the first  
> element within <svg> should be a title...

Assume one is there, <title>Test document</title>.  (It’s not important
for what my example was demonstrating.)

> also title is being used as if alt in html, and this is bound to lead  
> to confusion.

It should be used as title="" is used in HTML, I guess.

> alt and title caused enormous problems, still unresolved in html...
> how do you feel my example is a misuse?

Because an xlink:title="" attribute only makes sense on an element that
also has an xlink:href="", as its purpose is to give a title for the


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