Re: if xlink:title= is empty and a <title> is provided should that be in the tooltip?

>Also, the spec doesn’t require that a <title> element be shown as a
>tooltip.  It says:
>  When the current SVG document fragment is rendered as SVG on visual
>  media, 'desc' and 'title' elements are not rendered as part of the
>  graphics. User agents may, however, for example, display the 'title'
>  element as a tooltip, as the pointing device moves over particular
>  elements. Alternate presentations are possible, both visual and aural,
>  which display the 'desc' and 'title' elements but do not display
>  'path' elements or other graphics elements.
>Basically, the UA can do whatever it likes with it.

On the other hand it is not mentioned, that title and desc should
not be accessible somehow. They are part of the document, part
of the content of the document.
It is maybe more interesting to discuss, what a useful interpretation
of title and desc is. If user agents ignore them completely, there
is not reason for authors to use them. And to ignore parts of the
content completely is not a useful interpretation of the document
at all.
Therefore it might be a good idea to add some informative suggestions
to one of the next recommendations, what a useful interpretation
can be for different types of viewers. And to be able to do this, it is
helpful, if people try to explore, what is useful for different documents 
and purposes.

I think, for different viewers there is not just one way to do something
useful with title and desc as for example a tooltip or just an alternative
text display of the complete document. Therefore it is hard or impossible
to realise some normative text about it, but it should be possible to
make it more important to interprete it somehow at all in any user agent
as a part of the content of the document.

Received on Tuesday, 15 January 2008 13:11:19 UTC