Re: About svg tiny 1.2 and dominant-baseline (vertically align)

SVG Tiny 1.1 never had such an attribute or property.
SVG Basic 1.1 has it, but not the value 'central'.
Therefore I cannot see, that this has been dropped in
SVG Tiny 1.2.

But for the element textArea the property display-align
is available in the Tiny 1.2 LC with a similar effect as 
intended, as far as I understand (but I did not look into
details yet).

The possibilities I can see for the text element is either 
to guess the position or to calculate it (for example for 
an SVG-font). Or if you do not need specific parts from
Tiny 1.2 - why not to use SVG 1.1 (full)?
But maybe someone else has another (better) idea ;o)

Received on Monday, 14 January 2008 18:36:01 UTC