Re: getSVGDocument()

Hi Anne,

The working group has discussed this issue further and we resolved to 
reword GetSVGDocument errata item as follows:

"This method must return the Document object of embedded content in an
embedding element, or null if there is no document.

Informative Note: This is a legacy method equivalent to contentDocument, 
and may not always return an SVG Document. The author should check the 
namespaceURI or the root node tag name before using the returned document."

The proposed wording will appear in the next publication of the Errata. 
Please let us know if you have any further comments or feedback 
regarding this errata item. Thanks,

Kind Regards,

Anthony Grasso

Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 07:43:31 +0100, Anthony Grasso 
> <> wrote:
>> "This section is informative. The GetSVGDocument method behaves the 
>> same as contentDocument if the embedded document is an SVG document, 
>> e.g. the value must be the child document's Document object or null if 
>> there is no such object. If the embedded document is not an SVG 
>> Document, GetSVGDocument returns null."
>> We hope the errata addresses your issue. If not, we are happy to 
>> consider any other suggestions you may have. Thanks.
> If the definition of "SVG document" matches "anything that has a 
> Document object" it does (which is not that unreasonable given that the 
> plan is to implement SVGDocument for all Document objects), otherwise it 
> does not :-) That is, I'd like getSVGDocument() to be an alias.

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