Re: getNumberOfChars(), 16-bit units, and Acid3

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, Cameron McCormack wrote:
> That should be treated just like multiple-character glyphs (like 
> ligatures), i.e. getStartPositionOfChar(firstSurrogate) == 
> getStartPositionOfChar(secondSurrogate), and same for 
> getEndPositionOfChar().

Ah, ok, cool. Glad to know there's precedent, too (with the ligatures 

I've updated the test. You may wish to examine it to make sure it is still 
correct, since you wrote it. :-)

> > Is there an errata I can look at?

Awesome, thanks.

Please let me know when you have text for the other methods too, so I can 
check the test is consistent with those.

Please do make these errata public as soon as possible; testing things 
that aren't even in a spec yet, let alone an errata that came out after 
the test, is not something I would like to make a habbit of. :-)

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