Re: getNumberOfChars(), 16-bit units, and Acid3

Hi Anne and Ian.

Anne van Kesteren:
> Hereby a request to change both SVG 1.1 and Acid3. I'd like SVG 1.1 to  
> change to say that the method getNumberOfChars() is based on 16-bit units  
> and that Acid3 drops the following test:
>   if (numberOfChars == expectedAdvances.length + 1)
> The rationale for this is that the DOM is based on 16-bit units  
> throughout. DOMString, DOM Level 2 Traversal and Range, etc. In additiona,  
> ECMAScript is based on 16-bit units too. While I understand that this is  
> an unfortunate legacy I don't think SVG is to place to be different from  
> all other APIs in existence. I'd like the APIs for developers to be as  
> consistent as possible and if that requires 16-bit units because of  
> unfortunate legacy so be it.

The SVG WG discussed this at our F2F this week, and decided that it is
reasonable to change this to be in terms of UTF-16 codepoints instead.
An erratum has been added for SVG 1.1, which will be publicly visible
the next time the errata document is published.

Probably the other text-related methods will need to be changed in a
similar way, too.

Ian, please update the test to remove the “ + 1” from that line.


—for the SVG WG
(ACTION-16 and ACTION-1843)

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Received on Friday, 15 February 2008 00:54:55 UTC