RE: SVGT 1.2 Tests: <tspan> and line-increment property

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply. It seems that number of issues we are seeing
are due to differences between the public specification and the 
'private' version that was used when developing the tests. This
obviously results in waste of time for both parties.

In one of the replies I have received, it was indicated that the
next release of the test package was targeted for the end of 
February. Would it be possible to release the version of the
against which the tests were written, at the same time? 

Highlighted diffs between the versions would be much appreciated also. 
See for example for a tool to make it

  - Kalle Raita

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> Hello Kalle,
> Thanks a lot for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.
> > 
> > Test cases text-area-210-t and text-area-221-t use <tspan> with
> > line-increment property inside a <textarea> element. I'm not sure
> > whether the spec intends this to have any effect or not. 
> Below are the
> > sections that I see relevant.
> > 
> > The spec says in section 10.5 The 'tspan' element, that 
> <tspan> can be
> > used to "adjust graphic and font properties". This would imply that
> > setting the line increment should be fine as well.
> > 
> > However, section 10.11.4 The 'line-increment' property, says that
> > "Applies to: 'textArea'", where as some other properties in the text
> > chapter apply to "text content elements". This sounds like setting
> line
> > increment in <tspan> should not have any effect.
> > 
> We have clarified which elements that the 'line-increment' property
> applies to - that being the textArea, tbreak and tspan elements.
> All the best,
> Andrew
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