Re: SVGt 1.2: processing invalid external URI references

Just some ideas:

Small details can dramatically change the meaning of a text
too. Sometimes one or two changed or missing glyphs may 
change the meaning of a paragraph or a section of text
completely, therefore fonts have typically a missing glyph
to indicate such a problem.

For example older versions of Opera (8, 9.0 etc) provided
some indication of a missing image, this typically appeared
if an SVG document was referenced with an image element and
this was not yet implemented. This seems to be quite similar
to a wrong IRI situation for the user.

'HTML5' seems  to be the approach to hide any error of the
author by doing something without informing the user about
the problem. It is a matter of taste in general, if this is considered
to be a useful behaviour 
a) for authors
b) for users 
of erroneous documents. However it is no problem, if the author
checks the document and avoids errors in general (does really
any author check any document/script-output independently?
Obviously the availability of external referenced documents is
not always under the control of the author. This is a further 
complication of this simple model again. But in such a case
the user-agent typically receives another information or no
information from the server as in a case without a document
for the related IRI.

Received on Wednesday, 2 April 2008 12:46:28 UTC