Re: does the systemLanguage attribute apply to tspan? alternatively does the switch element take x & y coordinates?

On Wednesday, March 14, 2007, 2:17:24 AM, Doug wrote:

DS> Hi, Jonathan-

 >> does the systemLanguage attribute apply to tspan?

DS> A more pertinent question is whether the 'switch' element can be a child
DS> of the 'text' element.  Unfortunately, the answer is no; according to 
DS> the DTD, these are the possible parents of 'switch'

DS> 'svg', 'g', 'defs', 'symbol', 'switch', 'marker', 'pattern', 'mask', 
DS> 'a', 'glyph', and 'missing-glyph'.


This was fixed in SVG 1.2 where switch was allowed in more places -
partly due to feedback like this.

>> According to current SVG1.1 implementations each example of text must be 
>> placed independently as in this simple example**.
>> this requires much duplication.

DS> Agreed.  If you are using a large number of attributes (fill, stroke, 
DS> text-decoration, letter-spacing, font-size, font-family, etc.), this 
DS> would be even more tedious, especially in Tiny where you can't use CSS.

But you can slap them onto a group and inherit them.

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