Re: SVG 1.1 Test: text-fonts-03-t seems to be invalid?

On Tuesday, June 12, 2007, 5:12:18 PM, Alexander wrote:

AA> Hi!

AA> The test text-fonts-03-t in SVG 1.1 Testsuite seems to be invalid. First,
AA> the horiz-adv-x attribute is an #REQUIRED attribute on the <font> element.

Thanks, we will add it. 

AA> Next, the spec doesn't say what happens if a font doesn't have an ascent nor
AA> an vert-origin-y attribute. But either one must be given as they rely on
AA> each other as the spec says:

If one is provided and the other is not, each can substitute for the other. Its much more usual for ascent and descent to be provided.

AA> This also concerns the test " text-fonts-03-t" and some other font tests as
AA> well as they do not fullfill the requirements. The issue is that we've taken
AA> out the check in Renesis and mark each font as valid for now as otherwise we
AA> wouldn't pass those font tests which lowers our compability rate of Renesis.

OK - but its better to report the error in the test, as you have done.

AA> We'd appreciate for any considerations what we should do within Renesis,
AA> will the tests be changed or should we really keep going in accepting
AA> invalid fonts, as well?

Errors in the tests should be reported and will be fixed.

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