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SVG 1.1 Test: text-fonts-03-t seems to be invalid?

From: Alexander Adam <adam@emiasys.com>
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 17:12:18 +0200
To: <www-svg@w3.org>
Message-Id: <20070612151140.F3074120002@server.landira.de>


The test text-fonts-03-t in SVG 1.1 Testsuite seems to be invalid. First,
the horiz-adv-x attribute is an #REQUIRED attribute on the <font> element.
Next, the spec doesn't say what happens if a font doesn't have an ascent nor
an vert-origin-y attribute. But either one must be given as they rely on
each other as the spec says:

vert-origin-y = "<number>" 
The default Y-coordinate in the font coordinate system of the origin of a
glyph to be used when drawing vertically oriented text.
If the attribute is not specified, the effect is as if the attribute were
set to the position specified by the font's ascent attribute.

ascent = "<number>" 
Same syntax and semantics as the 'ascent' descriptor within an @font-face
rule. The maximum unaccented height of the font within the font coordinate
If the attribute is not specified, the effect is as if the attribute were
set to the difference between the units-per-em value and the vert-origin-y
value for the corresponding font.

This also concerns the test " text-fonts-03-t" and some other font tests as
well as they do not fullfill the requirements. The issue is that we've taken
out the check in Renesis and mark each font as valid for now as otherwise we
wouldn't pass those font tests which lowers our compability rate of Renesis.
We'd appreciate for any considerations what we should do within Renesis,
will the tests be changed or should we really keep going in accepting
invalid fonts, as well?

Thanks and regards

Alexander Adam
Emia Systems
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