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On Tuesday, February 27, 2007, 5:33:18 PM, Doug wrote:

DS> If you do go the RDF route, I'd suggest that you also provide your own
DS> interface for inserting metadata, something as simple as a Web form, so
DS> that you can get consistency across all your files, regardless of their
DS> provenance.  You might suggest or mandate particular items (like title,
DS> author, or license) for further compatibility.  Also, you could scan the
DS> file for existing metadata, and let them replace or supplement it, then
DS> insert the RDF directly into the file.

I see that there is an existing library for reading and writing IPTC
(and EXIF) metadata:

and the author notes in future plans 'support for additional image
formats'. One option would be to work with the author to help extend
Exiv2 to SVG images as well.

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