Re: specificity, user style sheets and SVG

On Saturday, February 10, 2007, 9:28:08 AM, Jonathan wrote:

JC> Chris,

JC> as you will be aware, adobe's support for ASV has lapsed for some time.

I'm fairly sure that any other plugins will face similar limitations
caused by the restrictions of the plugin interfaces available. Thus,
plugins tend to have their own separate menu and own separate

Native implementations can be much more fully integrated - things like
view source, pause/resume, bookmark, etc are done the same way for SVG
as they are for content like HTML.

JC> I'm not aware that it ever included users style sheets, or user
JC> agent style sheets. however if someone knows different, it has
JC> some kind of historical interest.

I recall that it did, and was even documented somewhere, but as you
say that is primarily of historical interest.

JC> On 9 Feb 2007, at 20:59, Chris Lilley wrote:

CL> However, Mac IE5 was excellent, much better than Win IE5, and had
CL> support for user style sheets. It had no SVG support, though - I think
CL> what you are seeing is that style sheet info is not being passed to
CL> plugins.

CL> I think you would be better looking for how to tell ASV where your
CL> style sheet is, not the HTML browser thats hosting the plugin.

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