Re: specificity, user style sheets and SVG

> If you look at the history of the specificity section, user needs were 
> definitely considered -- this is why user stylesheet !important rules override 
> all author rules.  Didn't use to be that way in the early drafts.  ;)

Apologies, I got confused here.  I knew the rules had changed, but thought
that they hadn't changed with so much effect.  A couple of points arise
from that:

1) I think this causes enough confusion that it would be worth adding
an informative example to the specification to show clearly how 
user style sheets can override high specificity author style sheets;

2) that confusion exists is partly a consequence of explicit user style
sheets being so inconvenient to use that few people have used them in

(Note that one way of viewing user style sheets is as specifying what
the user agent can do for the user, in the way of overriding author 
style sheets, and therefore the ID Accessibility dialogues are actually
creating user style sheets.)

Received on Sunday, 11 February 2007 17:46:01 UTC