SVG and Screen Readers


While SVG is designed with accessibility in mind, the accessibility User 
Agents do not seem to be taking advantage of this.

For example, JAWS does not currently seem to have any support for SVG. 
I have just spoken to Freedom Scientific (the makers of JAWS) on the 
phone, and sent them an email explaining how SVG should be used by JAWS, 
with an example file.

It should be very easy for them to add such support.  I encourage 
interested parties to write them and let them know that you want support 
for SVG.

I am also interested in contacting other accessibility UAs that should 
support SVG.  Please let me know about any others, so I can encourage 
them in the same way.

Finally, I am eager to take into account any feedback on how the SVG 
spec could be made more accessible by these implementors or authors with 
specific advice.  I am also available to discuss and explain the 
accessibility features we already have.


Research and Standards Engineer
6th Sense Analytics
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Received on Friday, 9 February 2007 16:56:47 UTC