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Hi, Jeff-

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Jeff Schiller wrote:
> It's nearing the one month anniversary of this email - I have not yet
> received a response from the WG.

Apologies for the delay, and thanks for the reminder.

> On 1/11/07, Jeff Schiller <> wrote:
>> In the spec
>> the insertItemBefore(), replaceItem(), and appendItem() methods all
>> mention that any item inserted into the list must be removed from any
>> previous list.  However, a similar statement is not present for the
>> initialize() methods, which seems odd to me.
>> Was this intentional or something missed in the SVG 1.1 spec?

It was the decision of the SVG WG that this was merely an oversight, and 
we could not see any reason the "initialize()" methods should not behave 
in a similar manner to the other such methods.  We have resolved to add 
this to the errata for SVG 1.1.

You may be happy to hear that we are making progress on the SVG 1.1 
Errata document, as well, and expect to publish a partial errata very soon.

>> Also, in SVGT 1.2, unless I missed something, the SVGPath interface
>> ( is less
>> useful than SVGPathSegList (cannot insert, replace or remove segments
>> from SVGPath).  Will the SVGF 1.2 be extending this interface ?

By contrast, this was intentional.  The SVG Tiny 1.2 SVGPath interface 
was intended to be a serial, lightweight method of path construction 
intended for small-profile devices.  There is no current intention of 
extending it in SVG Full 1.2, as that functionality will already be 
available via SVGPathSegList.

-Doug, on behalf of the SVG WG

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