Re: Question about SVGXXXList.initialize()

It's nearing the one month anniversary of this email - I have not yet
received a response from the WG.


On 1/11/07, Jeff Schiller <> wrote:
> In the spec
> the insertItemBefore(), replaceItem(), and appendItem() methods all
> mention that any item inserted into the list must be removed from any
> previous list.  However, a similar statement is not present for the
> initialize() methods, which seems odd to me.
> Was this intentional or something missed in the SVG 1.1 spec?
> Also, in SVGT 1.2, unless I missed something, the SVGPath interface
> ( is less
> useful than SVGPathSegList (cannot insert, replace or remove segments
> from SVGPath).  Will the SVGF 1.2 be extending this interface ?
> Thank you,
> Jeff Schiller

Received on Wednesday, 7 February 2007 16:54:49 UTC