Re: low resolution in native svg firefox (2.x) plugin

On Wed, 19 Dec 2007 14:56:33 +0100, Migliore Maurizio (Consultant  
Pride-Na) <> wrote:

> I'm writing a client/server application of maps for OpenNMS (a network
> management OPEN SOURCE project On the main project you  
> can
> find a version that works only under IE (adobe 3.0 or 6 beta plugins).  
> Now
> I'm porting it on firefox.
> If I try to view the attached Map.svg with firefox (2.0.0.x for windows)
> with native svg viewer,
> I notice that the resolution is low. It's similar to adobe's plugin lower
> quality visualization.
> The same version of firefox for linux has better resolution.

I suggest trying out other viewers (and newer beta versions).
Opera will give you the same resolution on all platforms,
You might want to run it in Batik if you're not depending on HTML content,

> Why this low resolution?

Do you set any rendering hint attributes? Such as 'image-rendering' or  
'shape-rendering'? If you want it to be high quality don't set these to  
'optimizeSpeed' since that will generally trade off quality of rendering  
for better performance.

> Is there a way to set high resolution/quality in similar way of adobe svg
> plugin?

That's a question for the mozilla developers, perhaps bug-report it.


Erik Dahlstrom, Core Technology Developer, Opera Software

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