Re: low resolution in native svg firefox (2.x) plugin

Hi Migliore,
     This list exists for discussion of the SVG specification itself,  
rather than specific implementation issues.  Given this looks to be a  
Firefox issue you may want to file a bug at 

With that out of the way, it looks like the mailing list stripped out  
the attachment, so I can't test this myself:  how well (or badly :( )  
does the image render with Safari for Windows? ( 

If there are any issues with the rendering or performance we'd  
greately appreciate it if you could file a bug at


On 19/12/2007, at 5:56 AM, Migliore Maurizio (Consultant Pride-Na)  

> I'm writing a client/server application of maps for OpenNMS (a network
> management OPEN SOURCE project On the main  
> project you can
> find a version that works only under IE (adobe 3.0 or 6 beta  
> plugins). Now
> I'm porting it on firefox.
> If I try to view the attached Map.svg with firefox (2.0.0.x for  
> windows)
> with native svg viewer,
> I notice that the resolution is low. It's similar to adobe's plugin  
> lower
> quality visualization.
> The same version of firefox for linux has better resolution.
> Why this low resolution?
> Is there a way to set high resolution/quality in similar way of  
> adobe svg
> plugin?
> thanks in advance,
>   Maurizio.
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