I think there may be a problem with the pservers-grad-18-b.svg test in the
testsuite. It seems to assume that stop-color is an inherited attribute
whereas in the svg 1.1 specification it is inherited: no.

In the testcase we have:

    <g id="g0" stop-color=
"red" stop-opacity="0.5" color="yellow"
      <linearGradient id="MyGradient1">
 offset="0" stop-color="green" stop-opacity=
        <stop offset="1"
stop-color="inherit" stop-opacity="1"/>


For stop offset="1" we have a stop-color of inherit, so we go to the parent
linearGradient element which has no stop-color attribute. Therefore we
should take the initial stop-color value of the linearGradient element which
is black.

However the test text says The result should show a the top-left rectangle
filled with a gradient from green to red since the stop-color is inherited
from the location of the gradient definition.

MyGradient2 assumes a similar effect with stop-opacity.

Best regards


Received on Monday, 30 April 2007 12:46:10 UTC