Save an SVG file from Javascript

Hi! :)
I've a little problem 'cause I cannot find the exact method to save a SVG
file generated dinamically.
In practise, I've a SVG document called "Map.svg" with some lines drawn on
it, a document "Map.html" where I've displayed my file SVG and some
Javascript function that enable me to create dinamically SVG elements, set
attributes and so on, reading direclty from a database. The results is a
more complex SVG displayed perfectly on my web page.
But how can I save this complete SVG generated dinamically after I've
generated all my elements in a precise location on my computer? I want to
have a file, for exemple "MapComplete.svg" that is the results of all of
this updatings.
Someone knows the solution? 
Thank you in advance
Flavia :)
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