Re: Batch convert SVG to SVGZ

Hi again,

there is no need for a special software.
For example on Unix/Linux you can do it
with any shell (command line, konsole).
The compression with gzip is very simple
and should be installed on any (Unix/Linux)
system by default.

For example the command

gzip -S z ./examples/*/*.svg

compresses all files with filenames
ending on '.svg' in all subdirectories
of the subdirectory 'example' in the
current directory and adds a 'z' to the
end of the filename.

With an additional option -r the
compression can be done recursively
for any subdirectory in a directory structure.

If you use another operating system
without gzip or command line capabilities, 
maybe you payed too much for it ;o)

Received on Saturday, 7 April 2007 10:31:47 UTC