Re: SVG12: SVGGlobal::document vs AbstractView

* Jon Ferraiolo wrote:
>I am having trouble understanding why you feel that the 'document'
>attribute on Global should be an SVGDocument instead of a Document.

The SVG Working Group proposes that SVGGlobal::document is a Document,
Global::document is currently undefined. In other words we have

  interface Global    { }
  interface SVGGlobal { readonly attribute Document document; }

and I want (a)

  interface Global : views::AbstractView { }
  interface SVGGlobal : Global           { }

or failing that

  interface Global             { readonly attribute Document document; }
  interface SVGGlobal : Global { }

or failing that

  interface Global             { }
  interface SVGGlobal : Global { readonly attribute SVGDocument document; }

Now, (a) is implemented in several user agents, and in current drafts by
the Web API Working Group and the WHAT WG, so if there is anything wrong
with that I'd really like to know what. The other options are going to
cause problems if we ever want to do (a) as Robin already pointed out.
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