RE: SVG12: SVGGlobal::document vs AbstractView

Hi Bjoern,
I am having trouble understanding why you feel that the 'document' attribute on Global should be an SVGDocument instead of a Document. I thought the whole idea with the Global interface was to align with the Window interface which is implemented in HTML browsers and some existing SVG desktop viewers (and which is in process of being standardized in the Web APIs WG), thereby matching the defacto standard that exists out in the real world. 

At the risk of being naïve, I went to an admittedly unofficial specification of the defacto/real world, the O'Reilly "JavaScript - The Definitive Guide" and looked up the Window object. It says that the 'document' attribute is a Document, not an SVGDocument nor an HTMLDocument.

If it were an SVGDocument like you say, does that mean that future HTML browsers will have to access their 'document' attribute via the SVGDocument interface, even if an HTML document is loaded?

What am I missing?


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* Doug Schepers wrote:
>After investigation and deliberation, the SVG WG has decided that there is
>no inherent conflict in defining SVGGlobal::document as a dom::Document. The
>AbstractView interface is listed as optional, and the only place it is used
>is in the CSS OM spec. Since SVG Tiny does not support CSS OM, this presents
>no conflict. This does not prevent anyone from implementing it, of course,
>but it is outside the scope of the SVG Tiny 1.2 spec.

DOM Level 2 Style just extends the interface, it is used directly by
e.g. DOM Level 2 Events, DOM Level 3 Events, SMIL Animation, and SVG
1.1. This is not my concern though. I think that SVGGlobal::document
should be a SVGDocument. The Working Group rejected this request on
the grounds that this introduces problems when Global::document gets
introduced which, presumably, cannot be a SVGDocument. I expect that
Global::document is a DocumentView, in which case you have the same
problem. So I think SVGGlobal::document should be either SVGDocument
or DocumentView, or rather, the 'document' member should be only on
one of SVGGlobals ancestors in the inheritance hierachy.
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