SVG12: Event based timing vs DOM Event model

Dear Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group, is
unclear about the processing model of event based timing from a DOM
Level 3 Events perspective. The draft and the SMIL Recommendations
only use very vague language to refer to the event model; if you
consider the animation element to specify an event listener on the
event base for example, then it is not clear which event phases will
considered in order to consider the event "occurred", "raised",
"happened", etc. if event based timing can be described in such 
terms at all.

The effect is that existing implementations behave in different ways
e.g. if the event propagation is stopped using the relevant DOM Event
facilities, which is a suboptimal situation. Please work with the SYMM
WG to change the draft and the SMIL 2.1 Recommendation such that the
interactions of the DOM Event facilities with event based timing are

I would expect that to say that an event is considered "raised" from the
perspective of event based timing if a non-capture event listener in the
default group is invoked, where the position of this conceptual listener
in the listener chain of the event target is undefined; which is to say
calling stopImmediatePropagation from an event listener attached to the
event base may or may not affect whether the event is considered raised.

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Received on Sunday, 29 January 2006 20:52:20 UTC