Re: [svg11] svg out-of-context rendering

Quoting Robin Berjon <>:
>> And what to do for UAs who are build upon namespace dispatching?  (And have
>> bindings for elements in a particular namespace which then results in
>> rendering.)
> If you use namespace dispatching the rect element goes to the SVG  
> implementation. Since it is not a conforming SVG fragment it is not  
> rendered. This is already specified in the existing conformance and  
> implementation requirement sections, and SVG Tiny 1.2 clarifies it  
> even further.

This is not specified. F.2. specifies "in error". You would think the fourth
point, "Other situations that are described as being in error in this
specification", would apply, but G.4. does not talk about "in error".

Anyway, it seems that the intent is that nothing should be displayed as 
is part of SVG, but it is not conforming as it is not inside SVG context and
should therefore not be rendered at all. (As if it had 'display:none'.)

Is that what SVG Tiny 1.2 says and what the consensus is of the SVG WG? (I'm
just trying to find out what we should implement.)

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Anne van Kesteren

Anne van Kesteren

Received on Monday, 31 October 2005 11:26:59 UTC