Re: SVG12: trait access on illegal names

Dear Björn,

You wrote:
 >>For any unknown trait name, the implementation will throw a  
 >>with code NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR. Since there is no "+" trait, an  
 >>will be thrown for your case. Differentiating between various  
types of
 >>non-existent traits incurs higher cost for implementations with no
 >>obvious gain.
 > This does not satisfy me, the set of traits that must not be  
 > is not defined in the draft, it's not clear in fact whether "+" is an
 > illegal trait, it's a perfectly valid CSS identifier and trait access
 > is supposed to work for CSS properties.

The specification clearly states that user-agents MUST raise a  
NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR whenever one attempts to use trait methods for  
traits which are not supported by the UA. Therefore "+" is not  
supported and throws an expected NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR.

Future versions of this specification, done in coordination with  
other groups (CSS and CDF primarily), may define the ways in which  
the trait system is applicable in a more general fashion (which will  
have to handle traits as CSS properties and traits as XML attributes  
-- a topic that shouldn't be addressed in a specification about  
vector graphics). For the moment it is better to keep to as  
restrictive a list as possible.

Robin Berjon
    Senior Research Scientist

Received on Monday, 31 October 2005 11:19:05 UTC