Re: SVG12: Transfer-Encoding

Chris Lilley wrote:
> in this regard, but HTTP/1.1 defers to an IANA registry, and
> lists only 7bit, 8bit, binary, quoted-printable and base64.

That looks like the list of values for the MIME 
Content-Transfer-Encoding header (which HTTP/1.1 does not use; see 
section 19.4.5 of RFC 2616).

> Do I have the wrong registry, or is HTTP/1.1 inconsistent wrt the IANA
> registry, using terms it claims are registered but in fact are not?

I think you have the wrong registry.  Looking at under "H", I think the "Hypertext 
Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Parameters" one is the one you want.  The 
linked text "Trasnfer-Coding Values" [sic; I bet this typo is why you 
couldn't find it] points to which has gzip, etc.


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