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Dear Bjoern,

This is the official answer from the WG concering your comment.

Bjoern Hoehrmann a écrit :
> * Robin Berjon wrote:
>>Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
>>>As pointed out in related comments, the specification is unclear about
>>>the exact requirements. Nevertheless I believe this to be incorrect,
>>>please change the draft to either explain in detail why this is always
>>>the case or such that it does not make such erroneous claims.
>>Could you please detail the way in which you consider this claim to be 
>>erroneous? It is unclear to us from your email what exactly you are 
>>objecting to.
> The previous draft did not have such a statement, the list of changes
> does not note such a change in the processing model, and the statement
> appears in an informative discussion about the pros and cons of the
> presentation attributes, as such I consider it a claim rather than a
> normative requirement which is then wrong as there is no such require-
> ment in either the draft or any of its normative references as far as
> I can tell. If this is meant to be a definition it would need to be in
> the attributeType="XML" definition.
Thanks for the comment, I have changed the note in styling.html and put:

<p>Note: Animation of presentation attributes and animation of 
properties are related, see the <a 
class="attr-value">attributeType</span></a> attribute definition for 
more information.</p>

And added the following text in the attributeType attribute definition:

<p>Animation of presentation attributes is equivalent to animating the 
corresponding property.
         Thus, for <a 
href="styling.html#SVGStylingProperties">properties listed in SVG Tiny 
1.2</a>, the same effect
         occurs from animating the presentation attribute with <a 
class="attr-value">attributeType="XML"</span></a> as occurs
     with animating the corresponding property with <a 

Please reply to this mail within two weeks if the change does not 
address your concerns.


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