Re: entities in SVG (middle term view)

Salut Andre!

Andre M. Winter - wrote:
> btw, as DTDs seem to get replaced by relaxNG (and as this is another 
> planet for me), will there be a need of referencing those RNGs from an 
> SVG file header or will there be an implicit link to it thanks to the 
> namespace and version declaration in the SVG root element (assuming 
> using only standard SVG and no extensions)? from my point of view
>    xmlns="" version="1.0"
> should be enough...

There is no standard way of referencing a RelaxNG schema from an 
instance document. The reason for this is because it's considered bad 
practice to associate tightly a document with a schema, since in fact 
depending on the situation one could want to apply different schemata 
from the one the author thought would be the best.

So yes, the fact that the document begins with an <svg> element in the 
"" namespace is sufficient to indicate that 
it's a standalone SVG document (in fact, it's already sufficient today, 
though many still believe one has to specify the DOCTYPE).

It is also likely that we'll be putting an RDDL ( 
document at that will point to the RelaxNG, 
but that may require that we wait for the TAG to come to some decision 
on it.

Robin Berjon
   Senior Research Scientist

Received on Monday, 10 October 2005 10:17:14 UTC